A software and hardware platform for rapid prototyping of art installations involving LED lighting.

The core of the system is a set of water- and dust-proof control boxes capable each of driving up to 512 individually addressable LEDs across 8 channels. They can be networked together using WiFi to enable large installations driving thousands of LEDs. The control boxes are powered via a 12-24V DC feed (allowing power to come from 12V battery supply, or mains powered 24V supply). The system encompasses waterproof modular cabling to enable a variety of configurations.

The control boxes run my custom firmware and software, which enables easy, expressive control over the LED patterns. The main input is images, which the system automatically displays across the LEDs in a variety of ways. This allows you to completely change the character of the output by simply uploading a new image and changing a few settings – no need to program complex algorithms.

The control boxes are designed for rapid prototyping – you can use them to quickly build either temporary or prototype installations. The same hardware can be used to build more permanent installations using cheap ESP8266 or ESP32 controller chips.