Professional Services

Software Development

With a decade of experience developing software professionally, and a life-long passion for coding and technology outside of work, I can offer a wide skillset to help make any software project a success. I offer consultancy, contract development, and freelance services specialising in full-stack web and app development.

I am particularly good with ReactJS (both React web and Native), JavaScript/ECMAScript and TypeScript. I am also experienced with Python, C/C++, and C#/.NET. I'm fully versed in testing techniques (including TDD), CI/CD technologies, project management, and agile delivery.

Please see my CV for more, or connect with me to find out how I can bring value to your project.

Lighting and Decor Design

I design and build LED-based decor and lighting systems. Please see my Art gallery for examples of past installations and projects. I accept commissions - for details on availability and pricing please get in touch.

I use a combination of off-the-shelf and custom hardware, alongside custom software I have created to achieve beautiful lighting effects. Suitable for all kinds of spaces and events where carefully crafted, soft fading light is desirable. Fits well with receptions and weddings, chillout spaces, festivals etc. Works especially well decorating structures - examples I've worked with include marquees, yurts, geodesic domes, tents and of course fixed interiors like venues and warehouses.

Lighting installations can be customised with your colour theme, and even be controlled in-situ via an easy to use tablet-based software interface. I've worked with spaces up to 100m², but larger areas are possible - the only limits are budget and imagination.

I'm always looking for other artists to collaborate with in adding lighting to existing or developing sculpture/other art forms. If you're interested in using light, especially from LEDs, in your project but aren't sure where to start I can help.